At the heart of what we do

Sustainable mobility and Social Responsibility are at the core of all Colas Rail Italia’s activities.

A way of thinking and acting that has matured over the years, for a system geared toward environmental compliance, absolute protection of the health and safety of employees, contractors and the community, and the highest standards of integrity and ethics in business.

We believe that pursuing sustainable development is not a limitation but a great advantage, especially when it is combined with innovation, reliability and durability of the proposed solutions.

Our commitment:

  • Working with our customers and suppliers to promote sustainable behaviour throughout the supply chain

  • Conducting our activities with integrity and respect in accordance with the policies and guidelines of our Company and the Group

  • Ensuring equal opportunitiesfor suppliers and subcontractors to compete on contracts

  • Identify, assessing and mitigate the environmental risks of all our activities

  • Raising awareness of eco-sustainable approaches among our stakeholders

  • Promoting a respectful and inclusive corporate culture throughout the company, meeting internationally accepted ethics and labour standards

  • Attracting young talent, and providing them with a path of growth and development

  • Driving a culture of learning, innovation and safety

Social Responsibility

Colas Rail Italia firmly believes in the sustainable development of the business and is committed to achieving the highest ethical standards and paying particular attention to the social impact of its activities and the working conditions of its employees, partners, and suppliers.

In line with the values expressed by the Code of Ethics and with the Integrated Management Systems in place, the company has decided to adopt the  SA8000® standard, the standard that certifies Corporate Social Responsibility in the field of human rights, labour law, exploitation of child labour and health and safety in the workplace.

Colas Rail Italia has also obtained the certification according to ISO 30415:2021 Human Resources management – Diversity and Inclusion which is a reference guideline that supports organisations in integrating into their management systems the principles of valuing diversity and their ability to be an inclusive company.

By obtaining the Gender Equality Management System Certification according to UNI/PdR 125:2022 the company has taken a further step forward in the development of Social Responsibility, focusing on actions that can produce sustainable and lasting change in gender equality.

These important recognitions express our commitment to creating an inclusive and equal working environment, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities to all our employees and promoting an approach to work that values the specificities of each individual.

Do you have a report on Social Responsibility and/or D&I and/or Gender equality for Colas Rail Italia?

All interested parties (worker, employees, supplier, etc.) who wish to make a report, provide suggestions, express opinions, or report non-compliance with regard to the requirements expressed in SA8000 and ISO 30415 as well as gender equality issues, can download and fill out the Report Form and submit it according to the procedures given in the form.

[PDF] Download the Report Form

Colas Rail Italia undertakes to provide a response to stakeholders through the SA8000 Management System Manager – Diversity Manager with timeframes dependent on the planned action and in ways that will be established by the Manager depending on the type of report (anonymous/non-anonymous).