Comprehensive services from a single source

Colas Rail Italia operates as EPC Contractor.

The production process starts from the design led by our Engineering up to the final test and commissioning of the entire system. Our customers can rely on a single point of reference coordinating all the operational phases, from procurement to on-site installation, warranty and technical support.


Our engineers manage all aspects of the design process: from the preliminary technical-economic feasibility study, to detailed design and production of the construction documentation.

This guarantees:

  • High quality standards in the preparation of technical documents

  • Identification of the most suitable solutions to achieve the project objectives, also providing ad hoc support and advice for the development of traction systems

  • Reducing the risks of each project through careful management of the external and internal interfaces


Right from the initial design stages, at Colas Rail Italia we work to optimise the installation process and the final result.
Thanks to its multidisciplinary skills, the engineering office is able to develop the System Design, integrating the technological subsystems of the conceived transport system – Traction Power, Contact Line, SCADA, Signalling, Telecommunication and vehicle.

Software and Automation

In every work we perform we aim at both reducing and optimizing the design time and improving the perceived quality.

For this reason, over the years we have invested in design automation, developing ad hoc software that meets most of the design requirements:

  • IDOL – Integrated Design for Overhead Contact Line

Software for the definition of the basic design of the contact line. Sizing and verification of the contact line masts, both in open line and at the station, in accordance with EN 50119, the Technical Standards for Construction 2018 and Eurocode 3.


Software for the automatic drafting of electrification layouts and associated material requirements.


Integrated design software of the contact line for trolleybus, on a territorial basis.


Our success is the result of motivated and reliable teams and qualified technicians with an in-depth knowledge of on-site construction.

These elements allow us to work on the construction and installation of the systems we design efficiently and in total safety.


  • We study the best conditions of intervention in every context

  • We provide qualified technicians and work teams, trained and enrolled in the professional qualification systems of the Italian Railways, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana:

    • MI-MEPC (construction site)
    • MDO-DITTE (run and operation of OTMs)
    • TE-DITTE (construction site)
  • We come up with cutting-edge operational approaches, applying efficient construction methods that can be adapted to individual project requirements

  • We work in complete safety thanks to efficient, high-performance and environmentally friendly equipment

Test & Commissioning

  • Our dedicated T&C teams carry out functional tests and verifications for the commissioning of the electric traction systems designed and built.

  • We work with the end customer to organize and manage test running and trials on newly built railway lines.

  • During operation, we support maintenance technicians by providing specific trainings as well as editing Manuals and related documentation.