Public works

As part of the requirements for participation to public tenders, we hold the SOA certificate for the categories of electrical installations, technological and electromechanical systems, electric traction systems and telecommunications networks, valid nationwide.

  • OG 1 Industrial and residential buildings

  • OG 6 Aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and evacuation works

  • OG 10 Systems for High/Medium voltage transformation, and for the distribution of electrical energy in alternating and direct current, and public lighting systems

  • OG 11 Technological systems

  • OS 3 Sanitary water systems, kitchens, laundries

  • OS 4 Electromechanical conveyor systems

  • OS 5 Pneumatic and anti-intrusion systems

  • OS 9 Impianti per la segnaletica luminosa e la sicurezza del traffico

  • OS 19 Telecommunications network and transmission and treatment systems

  • OS 27 Electric traction systems

  • OS 28 Heating and air conditioning systems

  • OS 29 Track work

  • OS 30 Electrical, telephone, wireless and television indoor installations

Technical qualifications

We are qualified suppliers included in the qualification systems of the Italian Railways – Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Italferr – for the following categories:

  • SQ 001 Categories LTE 001 / 004 – Work on electric traction and power installations

  • SQ 013, Categories TG 001 / 0005 – Design and implementation of technological emergency systems in railway tunnels

  • SQ 005, Category LIS C – Railway signalling installations

  • ITALFERR – Support for the design of electric traction and power installations