Among the renewal and maintenance activities carried out for our Italian customer Rete Ferroviaria Italiana in March and April, Colas Rail Italia was involved in some revamping activities in Genova, as part of the ongoing construction of the new Genova Bridge.

The “Polcevera Viaduct” represents a major civil infrastructure, which is quickly taking shape and it is one of the few construction projects going ahead at the time of the COVID19 situation.

In order to allow the erection of this third maxi bridge span (100m length) during the weekend of 20-21 march, it was necessary to dismantle and restore a section of the two railway lines, the Bastioni and Sommergibile, running just below the viaduct.

Two Colas Rail Italia teams, 13 people in total, were involved in the dismantling and restoring of the overhead contact line systems including the overhead transmission lines on each line.

Works were performed from March 17 to 27, covering a line section of 1,500 meters for each of the two railway lines.

We are proud to have contributed to the achievement of another important part of a great Italian infrastructure project, which was made possible thanks to the commitment, efficiency and dedication of our people who were asked to give their best during the Coronavirus emergency.

Our teams worked respecting the strict and extraordinary safety measures that have been imposed at the site to protect their health and safety.


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