The technological upgrading of electric traction systems on the entire high-speed railway line between Milan and Turin is currently underway.

Goals of the project are to improve the efficiency and maintenance of the railway infrastructure while reducing possible impacts on existing systems.

Colas Rail Italia is responsible for the technological upgrading of the current 2x25kV contact line to fit increased speeds up to 360 km/h.


  • Replacement of cantilevers with the new OMNIA type
  • Replacement of the contact wire with the CuMg contact wire, and increase the tension to 30 kN
  • Replacement of automatic adjustment devices

The technological upgrade of the Italian HS/HC lines is the result of a great commitment to research and innovation by Italian Railways, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana that has seen Colas Rail Italia involved from the outset.

The company has contributed to the conception, design and study of the technical solution to allow, in full compliance with safety regulations, to make the contact line suitable for speed up to 360 km/h.

The technical-theoretical research was conducted with the Department of Mechanics of the Politecnico of Milan University within the Joint Research Centre, under the supervision of Italian Railways, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana.





Rete Ferroviaria Italiana


2018 – in progress


Colas Rail Italia was the first company to design and install Overhead Contact Lines for speeds up to 360 km/h in Italy.

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