The “Metromare” trolleybus system is the new public transport system that links Rimini to Riccione, a “Bus Rapid Transit” transport system designed to offer a more sustainable and low environmental impact transport system.

This is the first lot of a more complex system that will go all the way to the Rimini Fiera (second lot).

The dedicated lane runs alongside the railway track for a length of 9.8 km and connects the railway stations of Rimini and Riccione with 15 intermediate stops.

Specifically, for this project, Colas Rail Italia was awarded the design, supply, assembly and testing of the power supply and traction system, including:

  • 8km, 750V DC contact line made of a two-wire electrical system for each direction
  • 3 new substations 20kV/750 (Rimini, Siracusa and La Spezia)
  • Local SCADA for substations with extension towards the Control Center





Patrimonio Mobilità Provincia di Rimini




Fast, reliable, environmentally friendly, safe, technology advanced.

All the systems have been designed and built with the utmost attention to the reliability, maintenance and safety.

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