We design and install of High Voltage Transmission Lines, both overhead and underground, including:

  • HV Transmission Lines for electrified railway systems

  • HV Transmission Lines for the provision of power supply to power distribution substations

  • In-out connections for the power supply to 3kV DC or 25 kV AC railway substations

In the design of the towers, we develop different types of structures according to the project specifications: conventional lattice towers, tubular poles with polygonal section and compact bidimensional structures, with simple or double circuit.

During the development of new HV transmission lines, particular care is given to minimize visual impact (obstacles on the territory) and impact on health (electromagnetic fields).

We propose Compact Lines with low environmental impact, equipped with compact bidimensional structures or tubular poles with polygonal section; if these do not meet the necessary requirements, transmission lines in cable ducts can be used as well.